Skatepark Advocacy

Skateparks trying to be built:

Spring Valley

Want to get a skatepark built in your town?

Step 1: Form a Team

99% of the skateparks in the world have started with a few like minded individuals volunteering to advocate for skateparks in their city. A skatepark can take years (even more than a decade) to get built. But this doesn’t mean you will be working on it 24-7-365. Just make sure to have people be willing and able to attend all of the necessary City Council meetings.

Step 2: Go to the Tony Hawk Foundation Website

The Tony Hawk Foundation website is an invaluable resource for skatepark advocacy. Warning: Do not go there thinking that you will be immediately sent a check for $500,ooo. The foundation has a very rigorous process for handing out checks. Go there for the decades of skatepark knowledge that the site offers.

Step 3: Contact your Local, State and Federal Representatives

These people can really help guide and push your project through some of the confusing bureaucratic BS that comes with building a skatepark.

We’ve tried to keep an updated list here

Step 4: Don’t Quit

Like we said in Step 1, It takes a long time to get a skatepark built. Be patient and prepare yourself for a long battle.