Karl Watson | The Nine Club – Episode 321

Karl discusses how he has influenced the skateboarding scene, especially in building relationships and community through his interactions and skating style.

He also reflected on his personal growth, mentioning various sponsorships and his involvement in starting his own brands. Karl spoke about the cultural shifts within skateboarding, his contributions to the sport’s innovations, and how skateboarding was evolving during his active years, emphasizing his role in developing modern street skateboarding.


Margie Didal | The Nine Club – Episode 323

Margie Didal from the Philippines got into skateboarding around the age of 12 or 13. She started skating in a university parking lot near her house, using her sister’s shoes, and surprisingly won a contest within her first year. Margie shared a funny story about posting a viral photo with someone she joked looked like Tony Hawk. She also talked about the quirky bureaucratic hurdles in the Philippines, like needing an ID to get an ID, and how important rice is in her family’s life. During the interview, Margie discussed her future plans in skateboarding, her experiences competing internationally, and how supportive her family has been, especially her dad who built her a mini ramp after she won at the Asian Games.