City Council Budget Meeting

The kids from the Mid-City CAN Youth Council spoke in front the San Diego City council. Jose Fernandez, Jorge Dominguez, Phuc Nguyen, Daniela Barron, Armand Binombe, and Maricel Reyes all bravely spoke to the city politicians about the importance impact a skatepark will have on safety to their community. Mark Tran the groups fearless leader summed it up the best:

“I am here to reiterate to you the importance of investing in our youth, who are our future. Youth in the Mid-City area face many challenges of public safety, broken infrastructure, and inadequate services. They should not have to deal with cars, pedestrians, and cyclists when they are out skateboarding. They should be provided with a skatepark to be active freely and safely. This is a commitment to them as individuals and citizens of our fair city. Recreation facilities and services need to be a priority and slate parks need to be made a reality for our communities. Our budget should not focus on pensions and other things that past city council members have screwed up on. They should be proactive in supporting our youth and not focused on locking them up.”

Great going guys and girls!

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