Pacific Beach Skatepark!

Pacific beach needs a skatepark! With so many skateboarders living in P.B., you have to wonder why there is not a great public skatepark in this part of San Diego. The saying “If your city doesn’t have a skatepark, your city IS the skatepark” holds very true for Pacific Beach. Over the years P.B. has served as a great place for skate spots. Some of the first hand rails ever skated on video were at P.B. Middle School. Not to mention the benches at the end of Hornblend (now gone) were sessioned for many summers. The bump to rail on Everts is still be skated! Why not create a place to channel all of this skate energy?

Pacific Beach was once the epicenter of the San Diego skate scene. Pro skateboarders would move to Pacific Beach from all over the country. Rob Dyrdek, Kelly Bird, Sal Barbier and Brian Lotti to name a few.

There are more surf and skate shops per square mile than in any other part of San Diego. By this fact alone a good public park in Pacific Beach would definitely have a positive impact to P.B. Business. There is no arguing that the alcohol ban has affected beach attendance, a skatepark would bring more people back to Pacific Beach.

Some might say that technically there is a skatepark in Pacific Beach but it’s on private land. The Campland On The Bay skatepark in Pacific Beach opened in 2009 and is available to residents and guests of Campland On The Bay. Not the same as having a public park available to all!

A small park similar to the Martin Luther King park in Oceanside, located near the beach would be a perfect addition to town of P.B.. Not only would it be a great place for San Diego skateboarder to come too, but also a great tourist attraction. Most people from out of town probably think there is a skatepark in every southern california town anyway!

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