Skate Parks in San Diego!

There are 54 Skate Parks in San Diego! Every year this list grows larger and larger. Because of the efforts of Skatepark Advocacy groups San Diego has a ton of great parks to choose from! The OB Skatepark and Memorial Skatepark where two of the first parks to bring in the new age of Skate Parks in San Diego.

Memorial Skatepark is featured in many skateboard magazines. Probably the most popular skatepark in San Diego, Memorial Skatepark is a good example of why more parks are needed! On any given day, skaters from all over San Diego come to skate Memorial Skatepark’s awesome obstacles. It’s great to see the many different generations of skateboards enjoying themselves in the same place. Fathers teaching sons how to drop in for the first time. Ex Pro Skateboarders enjoying a legal place to skate, Sponsored Amateurs and new Pro’s perfecting and learning new tricks to take on a worldwide tour, or just the guy trying to burn off some steam after a days work.

OB Skatepark is a great example of how long it takes to get a skatepark built. I remember going into Just Skate and seeing a model of a proposed skatepark back in the early 90’s! Who would have thought that years later a +40,000 Sq Ft park would open. Skatepark Advocacy can be a long and painful process. It sure feels good when years and years of hard work pay off with a beautiful park like the OB Skatepark.

What is the future of Skate Parks in San Diego? The sky’s the limit! Encinitas has a new park on the way! Oceanside has a few parks planned. North Park is beginning the process of finding a suitable location for a skatepark. Willie Santos and the workshop crew are working hard on getting a park built near the Epicentre. Dana Brown and her crew have been working tirelessly on getting another park built in Tierrasanta. But let’s not stop there. Pacific Beach needs a skate park! Spring Valley needs a skate park! Escondido needs another park! Vista needs a park! Mission Beach needs a skate park! La Jolla needs a skate park! Point Loma needs a skate park!

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